Fixed Price Business Selling Service - Just £399 (including VAT)

Concise Professional Service:  

If you would prefer not to pay the full 4% selling fee to ensure completion of your business sale, but would prefer to have your business advertised on, and until sold and then happy to do all the negotiating and liaising with solicitors and landlords yourself, then our Concise Professional Service is for you.


We will:

  • Value your business from your accounts and telephone conversation

  • Write up the detailed particulars from the information you provide to us

  • Include the photos you provide to us

  • Notify you of any interested parties, give you their contact details and provide them with the full particulars

  • Continue this until you accept an offer and complete the sale (or for 12 months, whichever comes sooner)


We will not:

  • Visit your business

  • Negotiate with potential purchasers on your behalf

  • Liaise with solicitors or landlords

  • Manage the selling and completion process for you


You will therefore need to:

  • Organise an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

  • Negotiate with potential purchasers

  • Liaise with solicitors or your landlord

  • Manage the selling and completion process


So, for just an upfront fee of £399 (including vat), we will value and market your business until sold or taken off the market. There are no further fees unless agreed in advance (apart from the cost of the EPC which you need to organise). 

Because we don’t charge a completion fee, registering with us does not prevent you advertising on a Multi-Agency basis.

If you advertise on the following websites directly, the costs are (excluding vat): £269 (1 month), £309 (3 months) & £399 (6 months) £79 (1 month), £149 (6 months) & £219 (12 months) £179 (1 month), £269 (3 months) & £359 (6 months)